Charges: £1.00 per adult and 50p per child over 5 years and under 16 years. Access via tea room only.

There are two permissive path farm walks (not a public right of way) that you can take which can either be walked separately or joined together. Both are 2.1 km and take approximately 30-50 minutes.

The first walk, the blue route will take you into Dog Kennel Covert. Historically, this wood is where the hunting dogs were kept. The old dog wash pool can still be found on the left hand side of the wood. Also here you can find the old watercress beds which supplied all year round vegetables to the house.

At the top of the wood, you will find our natural spring water system which provides water to the house and yard by gravity alone. This system was put in the 1800s and still works today.

On the right hand side of the wood, you will find a pheasant release pen where we release young chicks onto the farm.

From Dog Kennel Covert the walk will lead you on to Staines Covert. This is our best wood for seeing our beautiful Traditional English Bluebells and it is protected by our farm environmental scheme.

In this wood, you will see many varieties of trees including Oak, Ash, Beech, Yew, Lime, Horse Chestnut and various pine trees.

The Second Walk, the red route will take you around the farmland border which also forms part of our environment scheme, past Sheepwash Brook, our beehives and into Gnomon Wood. The wood gets its name as it was originally the shape of the gnomon on a sundial.

This wood used to be very dark, damp and a bit creepy. We have carried out a lot of work on this wood to lighten it up and make it more friendly to plants and wildlife. Very slowly the bluebells are coming back and the wildlife is now flourishing.


Children£0.50 (Under 5’s are free)
Adult£1.00 Per person (16 Years and over)
  • Access via tea room only.
  • Maps and poo bags can be provided via the main tea room entrance.
  • Bins at the tea room are provided for disposal of dog waste, please use them.