The Farm

Autumn time is usually a busy time of year. The harvest was very short as we did not have many crops to harvest due to the wet weather and again the weather is not being kind to us and we have still not managed to plant all of our crops yet. So far we have planted a crop of Oilseed Rape and a field of wheat.

Due to the horrendous wet weather we had last year/this year through to we only managed to get one field planted in the Autumn, Oil Seed Rape. This was then attacked by the flea beetle, a pest that we have no control over, and as a consequence we lost half of our crop. We are trying a new variety of Oilseed Rape this year that has been developed to be more resistant and less appealing in the early stages to the flea beetle so we will have to see what happens.

Fingers crossed it will dry out soon or we will be planting crops in the spring again.

On the announcement of another lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, work will not stop on the farm. Whilst it is raining maintenance work is being carried out on the machinery, farm yard, fields, woodlands and pools.

The seeds that we have planted have now germinated and the crops that we have are currently looking good.

Flora and Fauna on the farm is slowly going to sleep and the autumn colours are wonderful.

Wildlife on the farm is also slowing down at this time of year. The ducks and geese are flying off for winter, the squirrels are gathering their nuts and the birds are starting to look for food. We have several strips around the farm that are wild bird seed strips and you will see blue containers dotted about the farm that also provide food for the wild birds and other wildlife.