About Us

Carl Pickworth
& Director

Carl has lived at Whitacre Hall all of his life. He took over the sole running of the 380 acre farm some 30+years ago.

He is very passionate about keeping the farm in the family to one day hand it over to the fourth generation of farmers.

His role is to manage and farm all of the 333 acres of arable land whilst maintaining the 47 acres of ancient woodlands, pools and wildlife we have here on the farm.

Teresa Pickworth
Farmer & Diversification

Teresa has lived at Whitacre Hall for the last 30 years.

Whilst holding a full time job down she worked part time on the farm until giving up her job in 2017 to concentrate on not only to support Carl working on the farm, but to look at diversifying the farm to make it sustainable.

Her first job was to set up and run a livery yard. The next step was to research what sort of projects would fit and work alongside the farm. Teresa decided to host Bluebell Walks and then Open Farm Sunday to test the market to see what was viable and hey presto the tea room and walks idea was born!

In August 2019 the tea room and country walks were opened and she can now be found managing the tea room. On her days off she still works on the farm.