The Farm


This is the time of year when the farm suddenly bursts into colour and life.  

At this time of year, we are managing the crops that were planted in the autumn, checking them for disease and pest control.  We are very careful, as some of the bad bugs that damage the crop early on, we actually need them to pollinate the plant when if flowers so you will find us outstanding in our fields an awful lot in the spring!

Also, depending on the weather in the autumn, we may also be planting spring crops and we may also be planning some conservation areas such as wildflower, nectar rich areas or wild bird seed areas.

You will see silage being cut and maybe the first cut of hay being made in late spring to provide food over the winter for the livestock.


This is our busiest time of year and the farm is a hive of activity.

We are constantly watching the weather and the crops at this time of year, checking their health and waiting for them to ripen so we can harvest them.  Usually, we start the harvest with harvesting barley, then oilseed rape, followed by wheat and then beans.  

Harvest involves lots of late nights and early starts so that we can get all the work done whilst the sun shines as you never know when it is going to rain and stop the harvest.

You will see hay being made, all ready for the winter months when food is scarce on the farm.

At this time of year, the wildflower nectar mixes are just stunning with an arrange of insects and birds feeding on them.


Autumn is a busy time of the year. 

It starts by finishing off the harvest, and then we have to plant our crops and our conservation areas.  To do this we need to prepare the ground to ensure we get a good seedbed.  We usually start by discing the ground to break up the soil.  The next step is ploughing, where the soil gets turned over and the leftover stubble gets ploughed in to enable it to rot down to provide nutrients for the seeds.  Then we drill the seed into the ground and finish it off by rolling the ground.

Fingers crossed that over the autumn and winter months the seeds will germinate and a crop will grow.


This is the quietest time of the year on the farm due to the long dark nights.

At this time are year we carry out all of our maintenance jobs such as fixing broken tools and servicing equipment.

We also tend to sell a lot of our grain and spend lots of time loading lorries with grain so it can be transported to the mills for processing.

We also have to care for our livestock more over the winter ensuring they are warm and well fed.